About Otlay Interactive

Otlay Interactive, LLC. provides the most comprehensive website designs, application development, mobile applications and internet marketing services for businesses of all sizes and varieties. Whether you are looking to expand your business, revitalize your brand identity, make your website more user-friendly or start from scratch we have solutions to fulfill all your needs.

Our team has over a decade of experience in content management, marketing, graphic design, copywriting and all things internet. Let us help you build a strong image backed by a powerful marketing campaign that allows you to track real results in real-time. Stop speculating and start making informed decisions based on the data your customers provide!

Why 'Otlay'?

When it came time to create our own brand identity we wanted a name with character. Something that gave us a solid foundation. And who better to be the foundation of a web-based company than the forefather of information networking?

Paul M. G. Otlet (pronounced ought-lay) was a Belgain born author, lawyer and entrepreneur born in 19th century Brussels. Otlet was king when it came to documentation. He cofounded the International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID) and The Union of International Associations, developed the Universal Decimal System and perpetuated the use of 3x5 index cards in libraries.

Otlet envisioned a world where information could be documented and categorized on notecards, a great 'web' of human knowledge. Users could access this database from anywhere by means of a telephone line which would retrieve a facsimile of the card and project the image remotely on a flat screen. Not only would users access a specific document but all the documents associated with that one. The idea was so novel for the time no word existed to describe the associations of one source of information to another; so Otlet created one: links!

Although Otlet integrated new media as it was created, always keeping his work cutting edge he would not live to see his ideas realized. As World War II and the Nazi regime invaded Belgium much of Otlet's work was destroyed. Inspired by his revolutionary developments and ahead-of-their-time ideas we are striving to follow in Otlet's footsteps.