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Nintendo takes 3D to the next level with 3DS

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Nintendo takes 3D to the next level with 3DS

Nintendo has revolutionized the 3-D and Gaming industry with the release of its new hand held consol, the 3DS.  This 3-D gaming consol offers a glasses-free viewing experience at a price the average consumer can afford. Though the technology that makes it possible has been around a while, it is just now being adapted to be brought to the masses

What Makes it Possible?

The 3.5 inch upper screen that features the 3-D option, boasts a resolution of 800x240 pixels. Due to the way the technology works, it actually splits the resolution between each of the user’s eyes, essentially making it 400x240 pixels for each. Then each scene is rendered twice; once for each eye.  By separating both the resolution pixels and the rendered pictures for each eye, the 3DS creates a stereoscopic effect, giving the appearance of image depth.  
3-D viewing is also made possible because of a holofoil-like film with precisely cut slits laid over the top of the LCD display. The slits cause your brain to differentiate images between the left and right eye, giving the effect of depth perception. The only downfall to this technology is the fact it has to be held directly in front of your face, usually at reading level, for the 3-D effect to be present. Some users have also reported not being able to see the images at all, and others report headaches after prolonged usage.

Other 3-D Features

Along with gaming, Nintendo has thrown several other 3-D features into the 3DS. They have included three total camera lenses, one on the inside and two on the front, capable of capturing 3-D images.  There is also an array of special effects offered, including   Merge. Merge takes two photos, one from the inside camera of the person holding the 3DS, and one from the outward facing cameras of the person across from them. It then combines the two images to create a single 3-D image of what you would look like combined into one person.
The 3DS will also offer an array of other multimedia content including 3-D movies, TV shows, augmented reality applications, and digital music.  Nintendo has hashed out deals with DreamWorks, Warner Bros, and Disney to deliver stereoscopic content to the 3DS via Wi-Fi connection.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

Though Nintendo has made a name for its self as a gaming consol, the ability to play 3-D games may be the least notable feature of the 3DS. With its ability to connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection, the possibilities are endless.  Its affordability and glasses free technology make it far superior to a $1500 TV that chains you to the couch.
Though the 3DS has the ability to connect to the web to access movies and updates, no current web browser exists for the system. Don’t you worry, one is in the works as we speak that’s based off of the Access Netfront platform.  The ability to surf the web may very well open Pandora’s Box. How long until web sites are being viewed in 3-D? If Nintendo can get the new consol to be used and trusted as much as the smart phone, the possibilities are endless.  We very well could be receiving all of our digital content in 3-D very soon.

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